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An early experiment in replacing a McFarlane Spartan’s joints with Revolver joints.  It did increase his range of motion somewhat, but jeez it’s so ugly looking haha

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endlessyuji said: I’ve seen that middle photo multiples times before, I had no idea it was from you.


That was a super fun photo to take.  It happened to be raining hard the day I got the box in the mail, and I’d also just gotten an f/1.8 lens.  So I filled up my Armodoc with BBs and tried to capture the rain falling!  The one you’ve seen was my favorite, but I’m kind of fond of this one too, with the explosion of tiny water particles above his head (caused by a big raindrop splattering on his dome right as I took the shot).

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Stealth Dimension Division was my first Glyos drop ever.  Up to that point, I’d been admiring the line from afar for months, but never pulled the trigger on em.  The sea-washed glassy beauty of Neo Voss in combo with the sparkly Nonillia pink was so gorgeous I couldn’t resist.  

Within minutes, I was hooked.

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Tony didn’t get the red and black memo.

This is a really old photo I took and it’s terrible quality but I like the pose so much I’m uploading it anyway.  WOOOOO SCARVES