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my name is kenjitron and i like plastic


This is Shirtle, a winning entry in OctoberToys’ OMFG Series 2.  He’s a hybrid shark-turtle who also enjoys wearing shirts.  I designed the character and it was sculpted by George Gaspar.

Glamour shots by Deb

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Having a ridiculous amount of fun with the new Kabuto Mushis.  The metallic black/red is such a sick colorway, and I’m liking that build so far but ran out of parts to make arms.  That’s been kindly remedied by GlyOG over at OTF :)

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A little something built from all my favorite Assemble Borg parts.  The silver weapon/limb parts with the black wash were really cool, I wish Nightow had designed more of those.

Parts list: Tristriker, Ghost Gunner, Mr. Assemble (standard and Last Run), Baron, and Cyber.

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How many licks?